Write vlc files to dvd-rw

Pls help me… i have Imation DVD-RW and i want to burn some of VLC media player files(.flv) to this. but whenevr i try to copy these files to DVD-RW, it says its incompatable file format.

Those .flv files are probably Flash Video files. They are not compatible with the DVD Video standard. You could either write them on a data DVD or convert them to the DVD Video standard.

First although not the problem you should use better brand media .

The software you want to convert your .flv files to a DVD Compilant folder with the correct files to burn to a DVD -RW is DVDFlick. I’ve used it for this sucessfully.

One note you can’t put more than 48 .flv files in it at one time.
Maybe not that many if they are large.

Once converted by DVDFlick you can burn them with ImgBurn.
DVDFlick can be set up to use ImgBurn automatically but I don’t recomend that.
Do the conversion to your hard drive then burn it to disc with ImgBurn using “Build” mode.

Thnx a lot but pls tell me which all file formates r supported by DVD-RW, so that i can convert my .flv files into those

Unfortunately you cannot just convert the files to a DVD-compatible format and have it work like any old DVD. You must use a program such as the one suggested by cholla to make a DVD Video disc. Converting the files to MPEG2 format would be one of the steps, but then a program must build an appropriate disc structure–as Mr. Belvedere stated–that is tedious to do by hand.

Or, if you are just backing the files up as they are, you can just create a data disc as suggested, but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

How were you trying to burn the files to disc before?

Agreed. File conversions to DVD Compliant are seldom worth it as they are VERY time consuming and it never seems to fail that you end up with glitches of some kind in the playback.

The question stands though, are you trying to back them simply as a data disc to use on your PC, media center, etc? Or are you trying to convert them to a DVD Compliant disc that will work in any DVD Player? Big difference between the two.

Exactly… i just want to use the DVD-rw as a back up storage for my VLC media player files(.flv),so that i can view it later . i have win vista and i just tried to copy files to the DVD drive… since for DVD-R, the copy paste is working i tried same with DVD-rw, but it shows incompatibilyty

Well, this isn’t a solution to why the Windows built-in burning engine isn’t working, but try ImgBurn. It will allow you to write to the discs with ease. Try it out to see if it fits your needs, or if it you still get errors.

Yep. :iagree:

ImgBurn is excellent software and you’ll not go far wrong with that.


wowowow thx a lot …i guss its working. its been a real bless… Imgburn…@ thnx a lot 4 this forum 4 providng the solution sooooooo quickly nad efficiently

again I am in need of urgent help… pls tell me hw to recover my folder which I deleted (shift+delete) by mistake.

[QUOTE=shimna;2648115]again I am in need of urgent help… pls tell me hw to recover my folder which I deleted (shift+delete) by mistake.[/QUOTE]

You can’t unfortunately since windows writes in empty spaces…you will have to get software like getback to recover your deleted files but if you used it since the deletion then your out of luck those files are gone.

ImgBurn, favourite tool!

Have you tried using convertx to dvd?