Write verify problems


I have two questions both of which have to do with the write verify process.

Firstly I am finding that I can burn a DVD in seven minutes at 16x which is fine, but the subsequent verify takes about twenty minutes. Is there a way to set the read speed that I have missed?

Secondly during the write phase of NeroBurn the IdleCallback function is called allowing me to use my program normally, but during verification it doesn’t. The verify progress bar increments correctly, obviously using ProgressCallback, until I try and do something within my program at which point it will stay on the same percentage until NeroBurn completes, i.e. it is still verifying but I can’t tell how far ir has got.

Any clues anybody?

I have Nero installed and the SDK is version 1.04

Thanks in advance

I now have a further query to do with write speed and data verification.

I had made two successful DVD disks when, on the third disk, verification failed. A quick check of the log file showed that even though the DVD’s were 8x Nero was writing them at 16x???

I then hard-coded an 8x write in the dwSpeed member of the NeroBurn function, (as opposed to my original value of 0 to let Nero decide the best speed). This completely cured the failed verification problem.

My question is how does Nero decide the write speed and why would it use a higher speed than the disk manufacturer says the disk can write at.

My second query is this. My code builds an image to burn and then calls NeroBurn. If the burn process fails, (Nero Burn returns a value other than NEROAPI_BURN_OK), then the user is informed and the image kept for a further write attempt to be made.

However if the verify phase fails, as it has been, then NeroBurn still returns NEROAPI_BURN_OK although the disks are unreadable.

This of course means that the application deletes the image and I am left with the situation where the program will not attempt to burn them again.

I need urgent help with these problems as the environment I am using this application in is the emergency services voice recording for 999 calls and radio traffic, and these MUST be recorded.

You may try to intercept NERO_PHASE_VERIFY_END_OK and NERO_PHASE_VERIFY_END_FAIL in a major phase callback (if using straight NeroAPI).

Hi. Thanks for the answer, it seems to work a treat.

Do you have any ideas regarding my other queries?