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Hi People,

I need help from all of you guys out there.

I have a 720 MB of MPG video file in my HDD, and i want to burn the file to VCD.

I used Roxio Platinum 5. But it says i need to put a larger size CD.

My HP CD writer can’t take 90 mins CD. :frowning:

so what should i do ? can any1 recommend a good video editing prog. ? or anything …




Also, when making a video cd, you should have no problem burning 720 mb. It depends on the length of the video.

Try dropping the MPEG file in Nero !!!

Hi every1,

The file size that i want to burn is 720 MB approx…and the duration is 72 mins : 40 secs …

any advice… from any GURU…??



You should be able to burn that on to an 80 minute cd without any problems

I used Roxio Platinum 5 …

it says i need to put in a larger size CD ???

then it spit out the blank 80 mins CD that i put in …

please Help…



DON’T choose data cd but always choose VCD-mode in nero or roxio that way there can fit more than 800mb on the disk

check out Nero http://www.nero.com/en/download.htm

I used to use Roxio up until 6 months ago. When I first started to make VCDs I found that VCDs I made with Roxio would stop playing in my DVD player after 20 minutes (even though the DAT file played fine on my computer). I switched to Nero and had no problems. I am not a guru but I am sure that the VCD’s go by time, (like audio), and 72 minutes should fit on a 80 min cd. I have vcd’s that are 73 to 74 minutes on an 80 minute cd and did not do any overburning.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply.

I will try it tonite and see how it goes… and i will let you guys know again…

In the mean time … i would like to thank you all people who took time and respond my problems here.

Thank you.



I just finished downloading some pr0n from Usenet. The MPG is
783 MB (821,788,672 bytes)
The duration of the clip is 78:04:33
I started Nero and went through the wizard to create a Video CD. It burned onto an 80 minute cd with no overburning required.

Hi Every1,

I’m happy to let you guys know that my VCD recording last nite was successful … WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO…

I would like to thank all of you guys helping me with this problem and step by step guide me through…



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