Write to Hard Drive or Single Layer?

I’m using the DVDFab Platinum and have a couple of questions! Please if anyone can help, that would be immensely appreciated!! :bow:

Is it possible to copy & burn a full movie without using a DL disk? If so, how??

Also, is it possible to just burn it directly to your hard drive?

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CloneDVD will compress the files from a DVD onto a single layer, as will a few programs. If you copy the files to a hard drive, they will be readable by DVD player software. AnyDVD will allow protected files to be copied either way.

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Any solutions for DVDFab? I have tried both Any and Clone and had issues with quality of the burn (screen shrinking, etc).

You can backup the movie to a SL disc by selecting “DVD5” using the drop down box in the bottom left of the window (near the “Quality” readout). The video will be compressed to make it fit, so eliminate any unwanted audio streams or extra features using the checkboxes. “Main Movie” will do this for you or you can use “Customize”. You can write the files to the HD by clicking on the folder icon on the “Target” line and selecting the destination drive and folder for the backup.

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Yup, to both qusestions. Platinum rocks…the best software of it’s kind…IMO.

As far as burning to a SL disc, it’s simply a matter of choosing dvd5 (SL) as opposed to dvd9 (DL)…bottom of the opening page of platinum. This is the “target” size

To rip the files to the hdd (platinum does this anyway…to a temporry directory) just choose a location on the hdd instead of your burner (ie., target). This is at the top of the opening platinum page.
Similarly, you can choose a “source” other than a dvd. Simply choose the appropriate folder as “source”

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I think the OP asked for help with the DVD FABPlatnium he bought, not another software to buy.

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Hello nkyoung, just for grins and giggles I always update my copy of DVDFab Decrypter for just what you were asking. It will rip the full or main movie to a folder on your HDD for you to do what you will with it at your leisure. It’s the same decrypter that’s used in Platinum also, so it’s very good. Like I said, I always keep it updated. ~ Mike

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