Write to CD-R for use in other computers?

I use my CD-RW drive to keep backups of my digital photos. What I would like to do is, copy pictures to a CD-R (not a CD-RW, to prevent unwanted erasures!) and take the disc to other computers to be seen.

I would then like to take the CD back to my computer, and add more photos at future dates until the disc is full.

I’ve tried to find how to do this in Nero but have had no success.

Is this even possible? Can it be done in Nero? Does Win98SE alredy have a program that can do this?

in nero close the wizard and select cdrom(iso) on the multisession tab select No multisession on the label tab type in a name for your cd click the new button then drag all the files you want to the window that opened (called iso1) then open the cd write dialog and on the burn tab untick finalize cd if it is ticked and write the cd. if you unticked the finalize cd button the cd will still be able to have data written to it at a later time. To add more data later just insert the cd and nero will pick up where it left off

I wouldn’t recommend to store your precious pictures on a multisession disc. As these multisession discs are mode 2, and thus have no error correction, a small damage to the surface of the disc can mess up an entire picture, or even more.

I’d suggest to put the pictures on a CDRW if you want to take them with you. When you got 650/700MB of files (so you can fill a disc) you can burn them in mode 1 on a CDROM (I’d even burn them twice, just in case…)