Write Strats Dumping Tool aka. NecDump

I’ve made a new GUI for the NecDump… and I want to now which one is looking better… old or new one. New Gui can be downloaded here.
ItalianJob also suggested a new name and I agree… he suggested NecStrat. Any other Ideas?

May I suggest you change the MFC icon as soon as possible too :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice util, although Version and Release dates are the wrong way around :slight_smile:

ItalianJob: The icon is changed in the previous version… With this new one I just wanted to know it the GUI is ok… =)
Jinxster: Ups =)

I found both GUI ok, the 2nd one is the clearest, you can put RPC1+rip lock info at the right of Additional info if you want…

Is “Quikee DVDStrat” another possible name ? (Well, it’s not so simple to find a correct name…)

I prefer the “old” more quadratic design. :smiley: The new one look too much like omnipatcher…
Text; version and date, has to change place in latest rev.

Name? NecDump_Q is my first thought.

Thank for all your efforts. :slight_smile:

Can we imagine a Nec Firmware compare tool, with two display, two open button (basicaly the same NecDump screen x 2) ?
The goal is to see firmware evolution, in strats version and mediacode/speed…

Maybe in release v2 …

That’s a great idea! And I prefer the old GUI, but as long as the information is available, it really doesn’t matter.


Thanks for your hard work Quikee2! :slight_smile:

Old Scool Baby!!! :wink:

If there is a technological reason for the change however then I am in agreement with DirtyRobotFeet…“as long as the information is available, it really doesn’t matter.” :slight_smile:

I liked the old version better!!! There you had the “Writing Speeds”.

Alright… I’ll change the tool soon… thanx for all suggestions.
ItalianJob: I have been thinking to add a multiple compare option allready… =) That’s why I had to rewrite the tool… ( and also becouse of memory leak problem with my old tool =) )
pinto2: I know it looks like omnipatcher… I really predicted that you would say that =P

Where to get the version with write speeds?

Check my site…

OK, got it. Thanks.
I didn’t look far enough down the page. Took the first one I saw but that wasn’t it. Possibly group them together?

ScorpioSoft: this is alpha version of 1.0… =) I’ll add writing speeds later on… so just use the 0.8beta2 until then.

I already thought so. Nothing changed on the page about the NecDump tool =) I only added your beta 3 firmware.

Hehe I didn’t even want to release it… but I was curious about how would You like the new looks… BTW… I hate making GUIs =P

I’m a Windows and SUN Solaris man :cool:

I like the FW information tab in the new one and the fact that you’ve cut out the word “version” in the disc type box. Probably a hybrid between the two will be the best: the old layout with the new improvements :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great program.