Write strategy

I was wondering what would be the best write strategy (best quality) to be used with ritek go4’s. A while ago, i speedhacked these discs to 8x using the mxlrg03 but reverted back to the default write strategy.

thanks… oh yeah, isn’t it hard to determine the best write strategy for riteks since they vary much in quality? i’ve got like pi averages as low as 3 and as high as 25.

you never mentioned your burner model… but anyway i flashed my 812 to 832 and i have flashed it to sony dru-700a (rebadged liteon 832) with firmware vy06 i heard good reports about this frirmware writing - disks well…so i gave it a try and here are the results…the media does vary but i gave tested 3 different brand of ritek g04 (ridisc purple, datawrite yellows, and pritnable white tops) all 3 have had the same results. i only burn these at 4x as they are rated 4x but i some ppl are getting good results using G06 burning @ 8x
i prefer to use G04@G04 using VY06
have a look at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=107898 at my G04 adventures
also click on the write strat swap sticky and theres an option on right to search thread…search that thread for G04 and ritek but in my opinion and after my tests no write swap was needed just decent firmware for -