Write strategy swap hacks

Since the Speedhacking tool method of increasing write descriptors doesn’t work too well, I decided to try some write strategy swaps.

I swapped:
RICOHJPNR01 with RICOHJPNR02 write strategy
PRODISCR02 with PRODISCR03 write strategy

If there is enough interest, I will host a write strategy swapped firmware available for download after testing is complete.
Results to be posted soon.

Here is a Kprobe of RICOHJPNR01 written at 8X using RICOHJPNR02 write strategy.
Total burn time = 10:37
As you can see the 4X and 6X write areas are excellent. 8X region looks like carp!

Here I attempted speedhacking CMCMAGR01 2.4X certified DVD+R.
Note that these discs write excellently at 8X on the NEC 2500A with hacked firmware.
CMCMAGE01 write strategy was used to write this disc at 6X.
Very bad results :frowning:

Bummer, Wes-O!

  • thought you were onto another “Cheap Bastids 2004 Catalog” entry…

Holy Sh*** do the Disks work ?

Not sure yet :p, I won’t get a chance to test them in standalone players until tomorrow.
But chances of the discs actually working look very slim.

Next I tried ProdiscR02 burnt @8X using ProdiscR03 write stategy.
Note that these discs burn VERY well at 8X on the NEC 2500A using hacked firmware.
Very disappointing results. As the reviews of this drive indicate, it seems to be very poor at 8X burning.

The PI/PO rates are far away from being in the spezified range. ^^’’
Maybe someone should test DVD+/-R 8x Media ?

@wesociety: how do you swap write strategy with BTC drives? Is there an utility that let you do it?

Unfortuantely, no.

There is a way to manually do this… but it requires that you be familiar with a hex editor.

Wes said that he might release a pre-patched firmware for this.

It should be noted, however, that strat swaps will result in the “host” media type being unusable. So a R01@R02 strat swap will result in R01 being able to be burned at > 6x speeds, but it will also result in a major quality decrease if you try to burn a real R02 disc. For many people, this isn’t a problem, since if they had 8x media, they wouldn’t be trying to overspeed their 4x discs. :wink:

There is really no need for me to release a version since this drive performed so poorly with the write strategy swap hacks.
On other DVD writers the RICOH swap and the Prodisc swap usually produce outstanding results.
Since this drive cannot handle these 2 most common strat swaps, I doubt it will be able to handle any at all.
From all accounts that I’ve heard, the BTC drives even have trouble burning true 8X certified media well at 8X. :a

Maybe they can have problems, but not such problems (as in your weite strategy swaps attempts) burning certified 8x media.
7000 PI is way out od specs!!!
Anyways, i’d love to try write strategy swap not to burn @ 8x medias that would not be certified to do so, but to try to obtain better quality burns at 4x! I think it could be worth to try!

So this strategy swap would be useful if we could choose a 6x burn from the start.

All of the above discs are unreadable by my standalone player near the end of the movies. (as expected from the Kprobe scans)

Wes, I’d still be happier if you scanned tthose discs in your 411S for the sake of consistency & results that are more understandable. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s difficult to gauge these scans because one has to factor in the BTC’s scanning ability…

Well the discs are unreadable… That’s obviously one of the most crucial factors here.
If you can’t make a useable disc then there’s no point in doing these hacks.
I’ll try RICOHJPNR01 swapped with RICOHJPNR02 and then limit it to a 6X burnspeed.
I think that’s about the only success that can come out of these tests.

Since I tried overspeeding some cheaps -R discs(i.e. Princo , VDSPMSAB01) to 6x & 8X (successfully and well done with my 812@832"VS04" also reported by the kprobe scans) and encountered some problems (My 1108IM hangs on trying to upshift from 6x to 8x) I would like to know where the write strategy for all medias are located in FW 'cause i’d like to review them and try to copy/paste some (like the Princo_8x one on the Princo_4x one).
I have the .bin FW and an HEX editor and I think I can Understand enough about machine language programming to work it out.
Can you tell me where can I find some references for doing so?
I only want to help the development , please let me know!

DVD-R MIDs are stored in the e-bank at approximately 0xe4000
DVD+R MIDs are stored in the f-bank right around 0xf4684
It just so happens that code65536 just posted instructions here.
These will apply to the BTC firmwares also since they are very similar to LiteOn firmwares (except for the MID locations in the firmware).

To say the least I am very disappointed with my latest test.
RICOHJPNR01 using RICOHJPNR02 write strat burnt at 6X.

General Information
Drive: DVDRW IDE1008
Firmware: 0758
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 1390
Average: 359.30
Total: 1220556
PI failures
Maximum: 319
Average: 29.53
Total: 100302
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 3397
Average scanning interval: 42.06 ECC
Glitches removed: 134

The 6x area of the one you did at 8x, at the top of this thread, looks a lot better :confused:

Yes I know, that is why I was so disappointed with these results. :frowning: