Write strategy for prodiscr03



Does anybody know of a write strategy for these prodiscr03’s or is this media beyond help? I bought a 50 pk of these hub printables just to try. If it wasn’t for the terrible spikes at the end of the scan, this media wouldn’t be bad but every burn has scanned out very similar. Can the dye be that bad at the outer edge of the disc? Here are a couple scans.


lol, if u have the 1633 i storingly suggest to switch to the 1653 cstj or csok firmware, yes that means crossflashing, but its well worth it, as the drives are phyiscaly the same drive as well


Thanks, I did finally crossflash to 1653 csok and the burns on my MCC003 media did improve, but if you will notice the first scan above was burned with 1633 bsos and the second one was 1653 csok. The scan actually got worse. Here’s a scan of a MCC003.


dang, on the prodisc, what brand are they, i got a bunch of prodisc r03’s mostly memorex and GQ brands

depending on what brand or where u bought it u might have just got a bad batch, happens to the best of us, and even the best media can have bad batches


These are actually branded as Prodisc dvd+r inkjet hub printable (ProdiscR03) from merritline. I got the Verbatum DLP dvd+r inkjet hub printable’s (MCC003) in the same order. I knew they wouldn’t be as good as the Verbatum’s but this is some of the worst media I’ve ever tried.


Too bad I can’t make these prodisc’s burn any better. Everything is wonderful with the Verbatums. Latest scan.


@ Mort81
Yes those Prodiscs can be quite variable in quality as you are now a first-hand witness to. That is why they are not mentioned in the same breath as verbatims or RICOHJPNR01 or TYs…because they AREN’T as good. It could very well be some sort of manufacturing defect like the dye not spreading evenly… but with excellent MCC003 results like that, why would you use anything else? :). I would just use the MCC003 and save the prodiscs for another firmware or another burner…or very short burns/movies(<3.5GB)…funny but true!


Ya know it’s too bad because it looks like the dye itself is of good quality but the defect is in the spreading process. I wish I had another brand of burner so I could rule out one or the other. I’ve always been a ricohjpn fan but couldn’t find them in hub printable so I broke down and bought the Verbatum’s and will never look back. These scans are better than the ricoh’s and TY’s

The first Verbatum I burned wasn’t recognized by my players due to extremely high PIF spikes at the start of the burn but after some help from chokO, an eeprom reset and a crossflash from 1633 to 1653 everything is wonderful.


I personally don’t support meritline anymore. My first purchase with them was supposedly for a 50pk of 4x silver Fuji +R’s, received a 50pk of 2.4x VSDM### or something like that. I burned to them cause I didn’t feel like returning, but they degraded after 1 week (no bullsh1t) and I couldn’t read them in anything. I chalked it up to bad experience and gave meritline another chance. I ordered a 50pk of Taiyo Yuden +R’s and had them expressed overnight…3 weeks later and much run around they finally admitted they didn’t have any TY and would refund my money (they did a week later). But this is just my horror story.


Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I actually came out ahead on my last merritline order. I ordered a 50pk of verbatum hub printables then decided to add a 50pk of prodiscs since the shipping would only be about $1.00 more. I called them to add but they said I would have to cancel the original order and reorder the items. After I got the email confirming the order was canceled I placed the new order. Well they must have forgot to cancel shipment on the original order cause I got one box with a 50pk of the verbatums and one box with a 50pk of verbatums and 50pk of prodiscs. I even checked my credit card statement and I was credited back the amount for the original order. Cool a 50pk of verbatums including shipping FREE. That more than makes up for the prodiscs being junk.


I use YudenT002 strat, and have yet to burn anything worse than 2avg PI - with lots of different batches!



You got a strat for prodiscf01? I am using 1673s JS05.


Is that -R counterpart? If so then I don’t use -R’s at all, so nope :slight_smile: Anyway, from what I’ve heard, on the -R side only TY’s and MCC’s burn with somewhat decent quality, so you might wanna try those…


I just use -R for xbox backups and have a spindle of prodiscf01 and a spindle of verbatims that I hope are mcc.


doesn’t xbox support +Rs as long as you set their booktype to -ROM?


Aren’t the prodiscf01 -r?


they are


my xbox drive runs both but gives me DDEs (Dirty disc errors) with +Rs sometimes


The old swap was to Yuden000 T02, but I believe that was retired when the Prodisc strat improved.

Are they being oversped, or holding to rated 8x - if oversped, hold them to 8x.

If all else fails, try 6x


just try the yudens