Write Strategies - Setting them?

I just burnt a disc and while doing a TRT and PiE scan, I noticed something. Under disc information, it says Write Strategies 4X. What does this mean? I burn almost exclusively at 8X, does this need changed?

Better late than never. :wink:

The Write Strategies part in CD-DVD Speed is wrong. It only reports 4x for any and all discs that I’ve used, and does the same for everyone else. Ignore it. Usually, when a drive offers a speed, it has a write strategy for that speed. [Some exceptions apply, such as having to enabled OverSpeed to get speeds higher than 8x for 8x media, unknown media, etc.]

See also:

You can always load your firmware into MCSE to see what strategies are available for what discs…:flower:

Thank you. I checked it using ImgBurn and it reported all the burning speeds. I was just hoping that wasn’t something in Nero CD/DVD saying that the only supported speed was 4X.