Write Strategies Quenstion

When I knew nothing about Burners, Media, etc., I usually did all my burning at 2x because I noticed I ended up with less coasters. Now I own two NEC drives and buy good media, but still burn at 2x. I guess old habits die hard. When I run Nero’s DVD tool on a NEC burned TY media, I get quality readings in the 80’s (usually 84-88) and a few more errors than expected. If Nero DVD Tool says 4x and 8x write strategy, does it mean you have to burn at one of those speeds to get better quality burns? Since I don’t have anything worth burning right now, I’d rather ask instead of wasting quality media experimenting…

Using good media is more important than burning speed, but going below 4x doesn’t make sense. Unless your drive is 2.5-3 years old and was one of the first drives capable of 4x, you waste 15 or more minutes (the difference between 2x and 4x) per disc for no reason.

Buy good discs (Taiyo Yuden, or any other media that says “Made in Japan” on the package, or Verbatim media made in Taiwan) and burn them at their rated speed, or the maximum speed each drive is capable of. If any drive doesn’t give you good results on this media, you should suspect the drive, not the media :slight_smile:

Ditto! Burn between 4X and 8X with cheap media and 12X with the good stuff!

All burns depend on FW/Media/Drive/BIOS/DMA settings etc!

Ditto again :iagree:

Thanks for the feedback. I’m gonna crank it up a bit.

PS I don’t buy cheap media anymore…I learned my lesson.