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What’s the best write speed for burning on DVDFab? Should I leave it set at “recommended” or change it to 4x? I’ve noticed that in the “merge” mode the quality of the burn is not that clear.



Myself I burn at 8x even with 16x disk, I think most people burn at 4x to 8x and Verbatim’s & TY are the best brand to use


I agree with Jim here. But, I as of yet, bite my tongue, haven’t had any problems burning at 18x with the Verbatim’s. They are a great media. But till you have established yourself and know how your system is going to respond with the program, I’d definately set it at at least 8x. Also, welcome to the forum too. ~ Mike


Just to follow up on Jim’s excellent comments…
The burn speed chosen is dependent upon the burner, firmware and blank media and not really the software with which you burn.
As Jim pointed out, when unsure, a good rule of thumb is to burn at about 1/2 the maximum rated speed of the media. Keep in mind however, that the burn process is still largely dependent on the burner and firmware. Say for eg., you have an old burner only capable of burning at 4X or even 2X. Trying to burn a verbatim disc at 8X , which has a max rating of 16X will fail.

Hard to go wrong with Ty and verbs…best overall quality, no question.


Sorry Mike, didn’t realize you were posting too…guess I’m still old and slow… :bigsmile: …yeah, like that’s gonna change… :rolleyes:


Sometimes I burn at 12x and 16x but pefer the 8x just to be sure of a good burn and besides that there isn’t much difference in time burning between 8x and 12 or 16x, but what ever a person pefers huh Mike, and hows the meat chopping going


Another one bites the Dust, LOL. ~ Mike


Could you post info on your burner, firmware and MID (media code).
This info is easy to get, just click on the nero link in my sig.

Here’s a screenshot of the info:


Went to the Nero site and got the screen but couldn’t copy end send it to you. Tried to update Nero 7 via the program but was rejected. Any solutions.




All we really need at this point is the info on your burner, firmware and the media. Just copy the info from nero and post it on the forum right here.
For eg.,
Verbatim MCC 004 000 (00).
I gather from your post that you were able to download and run the nero utility ok. It also sounds like you’re burning with nero, why not try burning with VSO…Fab’s default burn engine


Hey all, I’m not sure how well Nero burns, but my Nero OEM that came with my litey isn’t near as fast as the VSO on Fab. And it’s always worked perfectly every time. Example: 18x- 4.29 gigs.,5:15 or 4.19 gigs.@ 4:55. Can’t beat that with a stick. When I burn at 8x, which by the way is most of the time after reading and learn from here, It’ll cook at about 81/2 to 9 min. So I’d say the VSO works great. ~ Mike


Just a little tid bit on burning speeds, Even if media is rated at 16x it just means it will give results which will be “within specifications” at that write speed, NOT most optimal writing quality, Myself I think 8x is the best speed, but thats just my 1 cents worth :slight_smile:


Hi maineman,
Info as follows: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109 1.10
Sony D21 (000)

Also, I am burning with DVDFab using VSO burn engine.

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8X is the way to go :smiley: :iagree: have a nice day


Hi 470HI
If you read The burning factor that is in my signature below it may give you a good idea or some tips on the best write speed to use question

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You may be merging too much material for a SL disc. Watch the “Quality” number as you add titles to the merge, it will begin dropping. How low you can go depends on many factors, mostly personal preference in the quality of the output picture. A good rule of thumb for burn speed is half the speed the blank disc is rated for or half your burner’s highest speed, whichever is lower (e.g. 16X blank, 8X burner=burn at 4X).


Thanking all of you for your help and support on this. I’ll try these and see what happens.

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Have the sony discs been burning ok for you otherwise? They’re good quality, but seem to be temperamental re: compatibility with many burners. Your burner shouldn’t have any trouble burning at reasonable speeds…depending on the media ratings. Thanks for posting the info, haven’t looked at the firmware yet, but I will and give this some more thought

Interested to hear back on signals’ thoughts on the “Quality” number (ie., file sizes)


I’ve been using these Sony discs for a long time without any major problems. I can’t seem to find any Verbatum discs to try. Saw some at Sam’s Club but don’t know if these are the ones that you guys are talking about (as far as quality).



470HI yes the ones at Sam’s club are good ones


They also have Verbatim in 100 packs for 32-37 bucks depending on if you what plain top or printable top. They are the good ones.