Write speed reported incorrectly in Alcohol on my 1633

Alcohol (latest) seems to have a problem reporting certain chosen burn speeds on my 1633@1653 drive. Does anyone else have this problem? Nero (latest) doesn’t seem to have the problem so I’m thinking it’s a bug in Alcohol.

For instance, if I choose 8X, or Maximum, Alcohol reports 3.2X. WTF?
4X seems to work okay with 8X media, but on 4X media reports an error and says that it’s using 3.2x (see pics).

At first I thought the issue was because I crossflashed the drive, but really that wasn’t it - I just never paid attention to what Alcohol was saying, as it always reported the speed incorrectly (I flashed back to stock firmware and the issue persisted).

Thank goodness Alcohol actually uses the speed I chose (note the realtime speed in the pics) instead of the speed it displays or I’d be more than just miffed.

Has anyone seen/fixed this?

I also have the 1633S and when I burn it with Alcohol it says the same thing. Although it still does burn at 8x it just starts out at that speed them works its way up so its really not a problem.

Check your 1st attachment… It says 8.1x and your 2nd attachment is at 4.0x but thats becuase the 2nd image was a couple minutes into the burn.