Write Speed Question



I just stuck a Verbatim Pastel X8 TY disc in my 109XLC, i was going to burn a movie on it at X2 but both DVDInfo and DVD Decrypter say the write speeds supported are X4,X6,X8 and X12.Does this mean i cant burn this disc at X2?? slowest i can burn it is X4 ??


Honestly, i wouldn’t 8x rated media burn at 2x, minimum at 4x!
And if dvddecrypter not offers burnin at 2x, so the minimum is, like you said
4x! :wink:


Well dvd decrypter lets me select X2 but it also lets me select cdr write speeds aswell.Ones will only let me select X4 as the slowest. So X4 It is.