Write speed not showing on DW1650 scans

How do I get Nero CD speed 4.51.1 to show write speeds on my scans. The selection is grayed out. Same thing with my NEC3550. cheers.

You have to actually burn the disc using CD-DVDSpeed, for it to show the write speed line.

Use “Create Data Disc” in the Run Test menu (or Burn Image File), then when you scan, it’ll show the write speed.


Winaspi.dll didn’t help. So CD-Speed only shows write speeds on the disk it creates itself? cheers, gamma1

That’s what I’ve noticed (took me awhile to work it out though LOL).

Others may have something else to add, though, that I don’t know about, hehe :slight_smile:

I just recorded an .iso image using CD-Speed and when I go to Disk Quality scan it shows a graph of the write speed, but when I actually start the scan the write speed graph doesn’t show. I see all posted scans in the DW1650 and DW1655 scan threads and they all show the write speed. regards, gamma1

You also need to make sure that the “Include test data” option is checked in
Options => Standard Tests => Transfer Rate

The write graph will reappear once the scan is finished.

If you stop the scan before it is finished however, you won’t see the write graph again until you have exited CDSpeed and started it again.

Told you ;)…try Drage’s suggestion.

Edit: hehe, I was just coming back to say the line would appear when you’re done scanning…Drage beat me to it :wink:

Ok! Write speed graph also shows by itself when you open and close the tray on disk burned by CD-Speed. cheers, gamma1

Upgrade Nero CD/DVDSpeed to