Write speed bug with clone beta 21



A friend of mine has the clone b21 he has a toshiba sd-m1612 and a plextor 40x when he is tring to write a cd 32x he only writes 16x why

p.s all speeds are to maximun


The Plextor is picky when it comes to writing at high speeds. Make sure you use CD-R’s discs that are certified for 40x writing. You can check www.plextor.be for a list of recommended media. When you use discs that are certified for a lower write speed the Plextor will stick to what it ‘thinks’ is the best speed and it can thus stick to 16x. I don’t think this is a CloneCD problem although it couldn’t hurt upgrading to the latest beta 30 (www.elby.org).


Your writer will only let you write as fast as the media + OPC allows. No point writing at 24x on a 16x disc if it won’t work :wink:


yes but he is tring to write 40x on a 32x cdr.
Then why he writes only 16x the cd is 32x


It means nothing that the disc is 32x certified. The Plextor will use what it ‘thinks’ is the best speed to write the disc and will ignore the certified speed. I had the same problem with some 32x media and my Mitsumi CR-480ATE (32x writer). It would also write only at 16x to this media. When I changed it to a more expensive brand these discs could be written at full speed.


As seen in a different thread, this is no CloneCD bug. Looks like Plextor drives don’t write with full speed in DAO-RAW mode.