Write Retries

I have ImgBurn Version and I just starting using it this week (my old Sonic Version 7 was unable to burn a DVDR that had an encoding error).

I was very impressed with the amount of information ImgBurn provided, not that I understood most of it. It just made me feel like it really knew what it was doing.

Anyway, I noticed that it had a place on the Information screen where it posted the number of Write Retries. Next to that was the number 1.

How is it possible to have ‘Write Retries’ when burning a DVDR? If it didn’t burn the place on the DVDR correctly during the burn and had to retry what happens when the DVD player reads that ‘bad’ spot on the DVDR? Apparently it just ignores it (or skips it).

In 25 words or less, what causes the ImgBurn program to perform a Write Retry?

Just curious. :slight_smile:

One source of write retries that I have experienced, is when communication over a USB connection to an external drive fails for some reason.

I have seen this happen with some Pioneer drives in external enclosures (or attached via a USB-IDE bridge cable), that don’t seem to be entirely happy when connected this way.

The write retry usually succeeds resulting in a usable burn instead of an aborted burn and coaster.

There might be other write retry scenarios that I don’t know of.

Update ImgBurn and keep the log window open. It tells you exactly why it had to retry.

Thanks. I’m downloading the latest version now.