Write quality on newer drives



I’m probably supposed to search for such a thing, but I don’t know what key words to use :stuck_out_tongue:

Have they gotten better or worse?
I am looking to upgrade my Lite-On 32x CD-RW with the newest 52x24x52 drive, and I’m wondering if it’s better or worse at general writing (At both 32x and 52x speeds) along with general copy protection for games and music.

I know Media can be a factor, but I’ll be buying TY discs along with the drive if I decide to get it.


rdgrimes has done a series of tests with the 52327S and he’s posted the results under the thread heading “52327S Burning Tests” or somesuch. Do a search for that thread. It is in the Lite-On forum.


I saw that thread while poking around. Doesn’t say anything about copy protection, nor does it compare it with any other drive :frowning:


You can probably not wait that long but we will probably have a write quality test availible in a bit over a month.

Several new drives will be included in that review.

but to keep the story short: plextor premium(but only with powerrec on) and newer lite-on drives is among the best drives when it comes to write quality.


Thats cool, what about copy protection on the newest Lite On 52x? Can it do as much as the older 32x LiteOn?


Offhand, the LiteOn 52246S appears to have an edge in copying, over the 52327S. There’s some question about how well the 52327S can read sub channel data.


Well, I have a DVD drive that can do reading just fine, mostly worried about how it writes copy protection. My LiteOn 32x does it pretty well, wondering if the LiteOn 52x32x52 is better or worse at that.


Can’t say for sure but for writing my best guess will be:

Better? -Nope.
Same? - Most likely
Worse -Unlikely, but maybe.

Have not got the drive myself though.



My 52x32x52x generates 1000’s less C1 errors than what my 48125W does. using the same media from the same batch and burnt using CD Speeds create data CD.


My 52327S definitely has better write quality at 52X than my old 40125S had at 40X (on the same Taiyo Yuden discs)…