Write problems with lite-on model 40125s

Got new 40 speed lite-on model 40125s and as a dj mix my own cd’s and then burn them onto a cd-r (various brands mirror, nugen, imation - morrisons cd). All music is put onto hard drive either as wave or mpeg format first then burnt onto cd.
Also use it to back up my vcd films.

Generally write everything between 12 and 16 speed. Use Nero for cd’s (only software I have that will recognize writer for audio cd’s) and clone 4 for backing up vcd films.

Problem is inconsistency. I can write a cd at 12 speed and it will jump like hell on my cd player. Try it on another cd player and it plays perfect. I can then do the same cd again at 12 speed and it works okay on the cd player that it jumped like hell. Used same media for both.

Same with vcd films. Backed up one disk and burnt it at 12 speed and it wouldn’t read in the dvd player - said no disc. It read though okay in another dvd player.
I then did another copy of the same film using same speeds, media etc. and this one read in the dvd player that wouldn’t read the first one.

If I burn everything at 4 speed - no problem. However it is no point having a 40 speed writer to burn at 4 speed.

Any suggestions?

System P4. Firmware of writer ZS03

Things to try:

-Definitively upgrade to firmware ZS0A!!
-Use quality media like Mitsui toatsu or Taiyo Yuden.
-The drive may not be calibrated 100% correct for writing at 12X/16X, you may even have better luck at higher speeds!!!
-Do NOT write in Disc-at-once/96 in Nero, preferrably use Disc-at-once with finalize disc checked.

Thanks for reply.

Will download new firmware and try that.

Never heard of Mitsui Toatsu or Taiyo Yuden media. I take it I get that from computer fairs or do you have another source?

How do I know if my writer is 100% calibrated? If it isn’t can anything be done about it?

Regards disk at once the setting is use are as follows;
tick in following boxes - WRITE & FINALISE CD
Write speed 12 or 16
Write Method DISK AT ONCE
Only other opiton I can use is track at once (which i don’t) but it won’t let me select option you told me not to use Disc-at-once/96.


Not all types of media may be calibrated correctly at all speeds. There is nothing you could do about this except for making sure that you have the latest firmware.

Mitsui toatsu and Taiyo Yuden makes media, but may be sold as many different brands.(TY may be Fujifilm, Sony, parrot…yeah many brands…). If you buy spindles, look for a screwtop on the spindle…then it’s Taiyo Yuden :wink:

Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]Things to try:

-Definitively upgrade to firmware ZS0A!!
-Use quality media like Mitsui toatsu or Taiyo Yuden.
-The drive may not be calibrated 100% correct for writing at 12X/16X, you may even have better luck at higher speeds!!!
-Do NOT write in Disc-at-once/96 in Nero, preferrably use Disc-at-once with finalize disc checked. [/B]

Why not use Disc-at-once/96. Is it only for copies?

It seems to be buggy and the quality of the created discs may in some cases be much lower…in the worst cases totally unreadable.

Thanks all - information has been great.

Downloaded latest firmware you suggested and on doing so found a lite-on forum that detailed the same problem other users have had.

The Imation disks I have been using have been branded as crap by most lite-on users so that has been part of my problem.
Looks like firmware has been the other.

Tried burning at 16 speed using new media and new firmware and so far good results. Disks are all playing.

Thanks again

Happy timmy4



Imation= CMC Magnetics manufactured = Below average quality.

oc-freak i know i should start another thread but its on topic to what u guys are talking about. i ahve a spidle of tdk with the screw off top that u have said should be good 32x certified and burn pretty good. is there a program i can use to test this. the smartburn detector program says UNKNOWN on these disc and always 40x which does not result in good burns everytime. i also have those crappy verbatim 32x and want to know what brand they are. i fear they are the cmc crap.

Verbatim are meant to be part of the Mitsubishi group.

I have enclosed a report that I found on another lite-on forum.

This guy has tested a load of media including crappy Imation.


A while ago we reported on an intersting post by runner1000000 on the CDRLabs.com forum regarding the media quality a Plextor PX-W4012A produces vs. a Lite-On 40123S. Here’s the follow-up:

The information is presented in the following order for each line: brand and speed rating, disk manufacturer, time for plex to burn disk, whether disk was readable, time for Lite-on with Smart-Burn on to burn disk, whether disk was readable, time for Lite-on with Smart-Burn off to burn disk, whether disk was readable, time for Lite-on with new fw (ZS0A) with SB on, whether disk was readable, any additional notes. A _____ indicates that brand was not tested with that burner/stage/firmware:

TDK 32x Taiyo Yuden 3:34 Yes 3:25 Yes 3:25 Yes 3:14 Yes

Plextor 32x Hitachi Maxell 3:23 Yes 3:24 No 3:25 Yes 3:15 Yes

Yamaha 24x Mitsui 3:50 Yes 3:27 No 3:25 No 3:15 No

Fuji Taiyo Yuden 5:13 Yes 5:19 Yes 3:25 Yes 5:09 Yes

Verbatim 24x Mitsubishi 3:26 Yes 3: 42 Yes 3:25 No 3:19 Yes

Verbatim 32x Mitsubishi 3:27 Yes 3:28 Yes 3:24 No 3:18 Yes

GQ 32x Lead Data 3:31 Yes 3: 41 Yes 3:23 Yes 3:18 Yes(Bought at Frys for 2.90 for 10 pack)

Smart Buy 16x Prodisc 3:31 No 3:30 No 3:26 No _____ _____

Imation 16x CMC 3:32 No 3:25 No 3:25 No _____ _____

CompUSA Black 16x CMC 3:38 Yes 3:25 No 3:32 No 3:15 No

Office Depot 24x CMC 4:27 No 3:37 No NA No (disk stopped writing at 76%) 3:15 No

Spin 32x CMC 3:36 Yes 3: 42 Yes 5:15 yes 3:13 Yes(bought at Office Depot for 14.99 for 50)

Office Depot 32x CMC 5:27 No 3:24 No 3:32 No 3:19 No

Imation 32x CMC 3:32 No 3:24 No 3:24 No 3:17 No

Imation 24x CMC 3:32 Yes 3:25 No 3:24 Yes 3:14 Yes

CompUSA 32x Ritek 3:51 Yes 3:28 Yes 3:38 Yes 3:19 Yes

Sony 32x Sony 3:27 No 3:28 Yes 3:25 Yes 3:18 Yes

Verbatim 16x Mitsubishi 5:18 Yes 3:53 Yes 3:52 Yes _____ _____

HP 24x Taiyo Yuden 3:32 Yes 3:24 Yes 3:27 Yes 3:15 Yes

Unbranded 24x Taiyo Yuden 3:32 Yes 3:24 Yes 3:33 Yes 3:14 Yes

TDK 24x Ritek 3:33 Yes 3:24 Yes 3:25 Yes 3:15 Yes

PNY 24x Auvistar 5:19 Yes 3:27 Yes 3:25 No 3:18 Yes

Teac 16x CMC 3:38 Yes 3:26 Yes 3:24 Yes 3:14 Yes

Memorex 24x Ritek 3:33 Yes 3:26 Yes 3:25 No 3:16 Yes
The Lite-on with new fw (ZS0A) successfully burned 16 out of 21 disks that I tried with it. I did not possess 3 disks that I had tried before. When 3 disks that did not burn with any state were taken out, the ratio increased to 16/18. The new fw would again burn only the Spin 32x, Imation 24x and TEAC 16x of the CMCs. I have no explanation for why these would burn successfully, but not the other CMC disks

The time difference between the fw ZS03 and ZS0A for successful burns was generally about 10 seconds faster for fw ZS0A (the newer fw), but because of some rather large differences, at times, the average was about 13 seconds per burn faster for the new fw.

Timmy 4

i just think i got a bum lite on drive… its up and down with all media! the tdk it even gets errors on which are supposed to be the best. i even had tdk at 24x give me a few bad burns! what should i use to test? ive been using nero cd speed and the scandisk test should i use a different test or different program?

Normally CD-Speed do give accurate results.

To find the manufacturer of your discs:

And if you have Taiyo Yuden discs, never write them at higher speeds than what they are certified for, that may give problems.

Verbatim DataLifePlus is manufactured by Mitsubishi chemicals. with dark blue/green back.
Verbatim Datalife and Valulife is manufactured be CMC Magnetics or some factory using Multimedia Masters & Machinery manufactureing equipment. Theses are pretty low quality and have goldish back…

i buy quite a few cds… i can start a thread of what im buying and what it is… at the circuit city here in my town there are 3 different TDK packages that all have the same bar codes but they are packed different. screw off top, one with foam between cds and top and one that does not seem to have anything or those small plastic rings its hard to see, ive just been buying the screw off top ones :slight_smile:

tdk all rated 32x different packaging. so far one 32x spindle is TY other is ritek with phy dye

have not bought the third packaging yet… if there are any left! damn rebates! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey you guys i though the latest firmware for the 40125s was zs0j which included mt rainer suppoer and p-cav technology.
Surely this firmware is better than zsoa?
Correct me if im wrong