Write on "inkjet white printable" media?

Greetings. Silly question time…

First question… Is “Hub-Printable media” the same as the “inkjet white printable” media? What exactly is “hub-printable media”?

Second question… Is it safe to write on “inkjet white printable” media using a simple Sharpie marker? An example:

According to this post the author was cautioning against using a Sharpie on “hub-printable media” and I’m just trying to figure out if it’s the same as the white inkjet printable media. Thanks.

It’s safe to write on any DVD with a Sharpie marker. “Hub printable” means that the surface coating also covers the center hub area. The disc you pictured is not hub printable.

Thanks, rdgrimes. As usual, you’re always quick to answer…and know what you’re taking about :bow:

Why waste more expensive printable media if you are going to use a sharpie? You can do that on non-printable disks.

Because you have more surface to write on it, usefull for compilation or software backup and write the serial on it :wink:

I have found that the printable surface absorbs lots of ink from the pen :confused: