Write offset for Optiarc AD-5170A

i would like to know the write offset for my Optiarc AD-5170A, as explained here:


i am on linux so i can’t use that guide. all my friends and family are using linux or macs (and would you really have me take out my drive and put it in another machine running windows, even if i could find one?).

actually, my drive is a Sony AW-Q170A but it has been flashed with Liggy’s AD-5170A Bitsetting Firmware 1.14, RPC1.

i don’t know any other way to find the offset than find someone kind enough here to follow that guide using their AD-5170A 1.14 RPC1 and report back the results.


Write offset of the drive is +18.

thank you!

On mine with the EAC offset test disk (checks with a large dbase of tracks) and on the latest EAC version, but its always been the same +42 since I got the drive 3 or 4 years back.

ok… thanks…

so, is it +18 or +42? why the discrepancy?

I have no idea, just that mine has always been +42 no matter what firmware it used, I checked again just after I posted to see if the firmware had ever made any difference to see if that could be the reason …but not… this is the hardware we are talking about after all.

The only other thing I could think of is if it was some sort of re badge job ? I also have the 7170a (same drive just with DVD-RAM) and I am sure that was the same, its not in a working box ATM so I cant test it.

…or that the other poster had the profile of another drive loaded at the time they checked, but I have just put your title into google and found some logs posted by someone saying his is 66 but then his drive does not report the same as mine (no C2 and no cache …it has both) and also the http://www.accuraterip.com/driveoffsets.htm database says +48. Wonder if firmware could really do something, I have only had 3 changes and I have stuck with Liggy’s 1.12 bitsetting.

My drive[s] was one of the first, so could they have changed something, when the jobs finish running on the box with the 5170 I will make up another disk and re-check it. But I have a 6+ hour run time ATM.

I believe the NEC/Optiarc offsets have been the same since the ND-3500AG (or earlier), but I don’t have the information with me here at work.

The offsets valid for 3500 and 4551 and probably also later drives are:

  • Read sample offset correction: +48
  • Write sample offset: +18

I’ll check it later and get back to you.

ok thanks for all the useful information. but i do want to reiterate i am asking about the write offset, which is not the same as the read offset. the read offset i have used from the accuraterip database link you posted (+48), but the write offset needs to be calculated using the method i posted in the first post. now there are two people saying +18 and one saying +42. larry i would appreciate it if you could re-test, maybe all of you can say +18 then. thanks so much everyone!

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2472410]I’ll check it later and get back to you.[/QUOTE] I don’t seem to have saved any information about testing offsets for this drive after all (and it’s too late in the evening to check it right now).