Write multiple data tracks within same session



can I write multiple data tracks (iso or udf, linked each other) within the same session with NeroAPI? I know that this is possible with cdrecord/mkisofs utilities, but I have serious problem in linking file system each other with these tools.
What i want to do is:

  1. open new session on a blank cd (or dvd if possible)
  2. write first iso (or udf) data track leaving session opened
  3. write second data track (with file system linked to previous data track) in a different moment
  4. repeated these operation until i reach 99 tracks limit
  5. finally close session

Can i do this with NeroAPI? or is there another SDK that can do this?

Could anyone help me, please?


If your description is accurate and I understand you correctly, you probably want to write multiple data tracks in a single session. This is not possible.

What you can do is write a data track in one session, close the session, then begin writing the second session with the second data track linked to the previous one. When you write the last track you should also close the whole disc.

If you insist on writing multiple data tracks in a single session, why do it at all? If you have all data ready for burning at one point in time, you can merge it all together and write it in a single track.


I really want to make incremental backup of daily updated data…
but without using packet writing software and without the overhead caused by closing last session and opening a new one!!!