Write failed:3744 and also write error at 3728 (16)

I have been using convertxtodvd for a full year with no problems
until recently. I followed posted advice and changed dvd brands
twive dvd-R and then discovered that I can burn only DVD-RW
I also cannot do ROM bootable.
I have a sony vaio with Matshita BD-CMB UJ-120
there was mention of a CXD or something which I have no clue.
I did go in and do the filters which worked for only 1 burn on DVD-R and then back to crap. I used Taiyo Yuden for a year
no problem and then tried Verbatim ( per here) still same error.
Help please :slight_smile: I guess u can tell i’m not a geek but can get by
with some direction. I have burned about 1,000 DVD’s this year
and maybe have worn it out???
I’m running Vista home prem #1 with 64 bit
I even went to Nero and still no luck

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you are best using tdk discs. because your burner might be indated to use other discs etc maxwell dont run aswel has they should .ive use them for a while and had no disapointment

I doubt that you only could burn DVD-RW media…
Forget TDK DVD media, they are unreliable.
Get Verbatim and TY media instead.

Post a burning logfile here to get help with the burning issues.

yeah im using verbatim at the moment they are very good quailty discs also im using tdk and not had any problems has of yet …thanks any way chef

So the burn issues were resolved??

[QUOTE=chef;2555212]So the burn issues were resolved??[/QUOTE]

I should hope so the OP first and last post was almost a year ago, w00x just reopened it with a suggestion and statement :wink:

Yeah, right. :wink: