Write extended lead-out on dl discs?

Does anyone know what “Write extended lead-out on Double Layer discs” means ? (in recorder/choose recorder/options)

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For me the seem question.
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A lead-out may be recorded prior to finalization of the disc for the purpose of maximizing Read Only compatibility. When the lead-out is written beginning at a location that represents a radius of 30 mm (Layer 1 PSN = F90000h), it is called an Extended Lead-out.

I had the same question regarding Nero and extended lead-out on DL discs. The following is the reply I received from Nero when I asked them about this:

"This only concerns Multi-Session DVDs:
While VideoDVDs will be burnt as Single-Session DVDs, DataDVDs can be
created also as Multi Session Disks. But at the beginning it’s not known
to the drive how much data will be burnt to the DVD overall. So that’s
the reason why the change to the next layer cannot be in the middle.
So when starting the first session on a Multi-Session DVD, the recorder
automatically writes a 515MB large “Extended Lead Out”.
But for that only 7637MB are available to be burnt onto the DVD.

Most drives automatically do this Extended Lead-Out. Sony and Lite-On
devices have the possibility to enable it ALWAYS, so for any type of
session you burn. But when a disc is finalized this option is not needed.
So by default this setting should be unchecked to get the best
Read-Only compatibility to read this Disk in “normal” DVD drives, too."

I hope this helps anyone else having questions regarding this issue.

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