Write errors

I just built a PC with 4 BenQ writers in it for making 3 copies at a time. I am using Nero.

I have yet to finish all 3 successfully. I usually get either a “write error” error or “Invalid address”.

I have tried using 8x, 4x, and 2.4x as write speeds.

Can you burn 3 DVDs at a time in a PC or do you need a stand alone duplicator?

Any advice would be appreciated.

How powerful is the PSU if the PSU is crap or being overloaded some weird results will appear including burning errors or power callaboration problems.

Can you post more informations?

How these burners are connected to comp? Are you using the same discs on all burners? Are you selecting THE SAME speed on all burners (for what I know it is possible burn with multiple burners ONLY at the same speed)?