Write Errors on 755A



I got a new 755A replacement drive that worked for over one month now.
Since a couple of hours all discs I burn (Nero) give the following error:
write error burn process failed
The DVD is readable after that, but the last file on the DVD is corrupt.
Also I don’t think the leadout has been written on the discs.

Using the same brand media as yesterday (and earlier today): Plextor, Verbatim, Platinum and DataWrite.

Any ideas?


Use the self test to verify the drive is good/bad


How to test this? Cannot find the model in the FAQ at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767


If Plextor Europe included the manual on the disc, the procedure should be there. If not, try the 760A procedure (same-same). Jumper Master and Slave jumpers and pull the data cable. With the disc tray closed and empty, turn the PC on while holding the eject button in. The LED should blink green/amber. Release the button and load a CD or DVD from the recommended list. Test should take about 9-10 minutes and eject the disc if it passes. If it fails, it should return a blink code.

Reconfigure the jumpers and cable after the test.

See http://www.plextor.com/english/support/manuals/manuals.html



Strange things happen:
Yesterday I turned off/on the PC to be sure the drive had a power down. No change in result.

This morning the drive runs great. I did burn a CD-R before trying DVD’s.
Could the drive have been too warm? I did use it a lot yesterday , reading, writing, reading, writing, the whole day long.