Write Error Wasted DVD-R

I am using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 The program rips my DVD just fine. I put in a blank HP DVD-R when asked to, it starts to burn, then I get the voice, “Oh No” and the error message “Write Error”. I have tried copying several differnt movies that I own and get the same result every time, “Write Error”. Slysoft tech support says that I have bad media which is not possible because I am using HP Certified DVD-Rs which is the recommended media for my burner as well as the fact that I have burned 20 PVR video DVDs in a row with no issues.

Can anybody help me with this problem as SlySoft tech support has been no help whatsoever.

My PC is an ASUS P4 3.2GHz with 2 GB of memory and two 200 GB Western Digital HDs running XP Home SP2. My burner is an HP DVD 840d. SlySoft said my Plextor CDRW was interfering so I removed it and I am still only making coaster when I use the Clone DVD option.

Thanks, Keith

Texas Holdem-

You know it is quite possible that SlySoft Technical assistance actually knows what they are talking about but since you are absolutely positive that your blank HP Certified DVD-R media is not causing your problem you will never know if in fact they are correct.

It might surprise you that HP does not even make their own “HP Certified DVD-R” Media but subcontract the manufacturing of their Media to CMC Magnetics Taiwan, which is notorious for making absolute garbage Media.

Suggest acquiring known proven high quality Verbatim (Made In Japan) Media and see if your “Oh No Write Error” error notification disappears.

Also it would be prudent to ensure that your HP DVD 840d burner has the most current up to date Firmware available installed.


Since your media has worked consistently well in your system and burner, I hesitate to blame the media. I too gave up on using CloneDVD2 to do any actual burning a long time ago due to unreliability on my system. It may simply be something in your system configuration that ClonedVD2 conflicts with or doesn’t like. It may be prudent to try a different burning engine. Why not have CloneDVD2 create an image or store the processed files in a directory and try burning from there with a different program - preferably the one that you have had consistent success with in the past. When I use CloneDVD2, it is strictly to retain menus when reauthoring a title (something DVDShrink cannot do) - and I never use CloneDVD2 to do the actual burning. Roxio’s ECDC program suite does a consistently top notch job of burning on my system.

I was having this same problem. It wasn’t consistent though and I wasted 3 Verbatim DL disks until I came with the following solution. I rip the DVD to the hard disk with AnyDVD and then use CLoneDVD2 to burn the DVD from the hard drive. So far, it has worked flawlessly.

The DVD write errors were occurring almost immediately with the Verbatim DLs and rendered them useless. It was happening every other DVD but since I put in this procedure, it’s worked just fine with the DL disks.

Hope this helps.


I am having the exact same problem, I have a Sony DVD +/- RW DW-D22A. I have been using Clone DVD now for about 3 years and this is a recent problem that developed which first started with my Sony discs -R discs, I burned through 20 of them before I started to get the WriteDVD 10 11 W2 error message. I used to be able to burn both + and - just fine I switched to Memorex -R and that worked for a couple of months and now it won’t. I am running on Windows XP. Does anyone know how to fix this or a way around it? Should I perhaps use a different program? Because let me tell you this has now become a very expensive habit as when I go through a small box with no problem I buy a big one and this is the 3rd time I’ve gone through this. Thanks :sad:

Oh and as far as versions go I’m current on both Clone DVD and AnyDVD, I checked them both today.

on the page that has preferred speed and a dropdown box put in a actual burn speed (1x, 2-2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, 16x, maximum) that your burners firmware supports your media you use. and try not to use maximum.

I had the same problem every second dvd said write error. I ran a lens cleaner through about 4 times. first few times lens cleaner could not auto boot had to start manual now it starts ok and don’t have any more trouble.

I have found that if I have zonealarm running I will cause write errors
on certain burners like pioneer for clonedvd2 or nero. I can go to zonealarm and exceptions and add nero.exe and conedvd2 processes to the exception list and I burn just fine. With other drives like lg this problem is not there. I would turn off you antivirus for the burn and see if that stops the errors. I have told zonealarm and pioneer about this problem but both have not fixed it.