Write Error using CopyDVD Pro

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me out…I’ve just starting burning DVD’s and have burned about 10 so far, however, today, I am running into a problem.

I have copied Shrek Disk 1 to my HD via DVD Shrink 2.3 and I am able to view it on the computer just fine. However, when I try to write it to a disk, I keep getting the same error “WriteSector failed at sector 8272 (16) - Code 05 21 02 [Illegal request, Invalid address for Write]”.

I tried two disks and both failed, I then reshrunk Shrek and tried to write again and it still failed.

I have a DVD+/- writer and I am trying to write to a Imation DVD-R. The size of the file on my HD is 4.28Gig.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…