Write Error on CD-R , but OK on CD-RW

CD Writer : Acer CRW1208A 12X8X32
Firmware : 9.CC

Used to burn any CD-R Brand flawlessly.
Recently won’t burn any brand of CD-R correctly.
8X and 12X Burning process 100%succeed.

Burn result :
-Data CD : many files cannot be accessed.
-Audio CD : music clipping/jittering

Burn at 4X : Power Calibration Error
Burning on CD-RW : flawless at any speed … 100% OK

I heard this kind of problem also exist in any brand, any type of old CD Writers.

Is it because the burning laser weakened?
And because CD-RW has dark layer so it can absorb laser light better than
light coloured layer of CD-R so the burning on CD-RW still good?

Any solution for this problem?
Is the burning laser power can be calibrated manually using any tool or software?

Two thoughts:

1- The drive is old and the laser is dirty.

2- The media you are now using is 48x or 52 x certified, but this is not recognized by the drive properly. The old cd-rw media isn’t affected by this. Check for a firmware update for the drive, it may help.

How does this power calibration work anyway?

Hey, I was getting the same prob as you guys, but I just got mine to work, if your using nero, click the configuration button then goto the cache tab, then where it says “minimum disk space reserved” I set mine to “2” which is the recomendation for my drive, you could prob find out on your manufactors website and see what it is, or just try 2. It worked for me so I thought I would share.