Write error check cables

Just purchased the software and it wont let me burn to DVD… I had thetrial software and it worked fine. Now it comes up with write error check cables… Any Ideas ladies…


for a start, i’m not a ladieeeeeeeee :bigsmile:

and, what are you on about, a little bit more info would be better

oh, and welcome to the forums

You need to install it first for it to work.

Did you check the cables ???

I had the trial version of convertxtodvd, and then paid for the software from vso. I could convert divx to dvd and burn it before but since i bought it once i convert then burn it, it will recognise the dvd, then ejects it and says “error Write error at 1248 (32) - Code 04 08 03 [HW error, Logical Unit Communication CRC error in ULTRA-DMA/32 (check cables …)]” I uninstalled and reinstalled, but the same thing. the strange thing is it worked on the trial version except each dvd I burned had a message in the middle of the screen. Thanks guys and look forward to hearing from someone…