Write error at slow speed burning

I have a problem using slow speed of the plex 401240a
When I burn at 4x (also using varirec) I get write error at the end of the lead in - medium error; write error at 99:43:34 recovery needed 3:0x0c:0x07 .
This only happens at 4x/8x if i use higher speeds all works fine
I 've also used an old cdrw ( max 4x ) this one did fine to at 4x.
It seems that the plextor doesn’t accept the lower speeds (since last week)
I’ve used alcoh 120 and blindwrite just before but uninstalled everything and put back an image (ghost )from before this period.
I even used the force aspi to go back to 4.6layer ,with no better result.
Has anyone got a suggestion.??
Thanks and greetings

As the error message suggests there is a problem with the media. Write the media at the certified speed and report if that works ok. Sometimes media cannot be written at a low speed and will work better when writing them at a higher speed… At least that what I’ve read here and there on the forum. Personally I always write media at the speed that they’re certified for. I never go lower than 16x writing (and why would you?).

Unlike the early days of CD recording, most new CD recorders don’t write as well at lower speeds than they do near or at their maximum speed. E.g. when I wrote (using Liteon 32123S) at 16x on one CD and 8x on another CD; both same brand and rated 40x. My DVD-ROM got very picky reading the CD written at 8x, but gave no problem at all reading the CD written at 16x, while both read fine in the Liteon. I now write to these at 32x and the DVD-ROM still reads these perfectly. :wink: I know someone who tried writing a CD-R at 4x using a Liteon 40125S as the CD-R was old and rated at 6x, but very few CD-ROM drives would read this CD, probably due to the fact that high speed writers are optimised for high speed writing :wink:

thanks for the quick answers g@m3fr3@k and sean
the media works oke at higher speeds but I always burned audio cd at 8x or at 4x with the plex VariRec ,which gave me the best results on older and more sensitive cd players.
I wonder why it all changed from one to day at another with no obvious reason at all.
I’ve also send a mail to plextor ;the suggested i’d send the writer for repair. ??(just got their answer )

So these write speed errors are occuring with a unit that is high speed 40x capable…

So the “optimum” is the MAX recording speed? Does this apply for all units? MAX being best???

My plextor(external 2.0 USB) is the PX-s88tu (8/8/24) which only writes at 2x, 4x and 8x…I’m a moderate and write at 4x…using Mitsui 24x certified(apparently actually higher rated) and Fuji 40x-48x…

So is the concensus that I should write at 8x (Max. for my unit, the “optimum”?). I don’t use Varirec., don’t seem to need it.

I’m guessing my 4x write speed is fine, cause all my burnt cdr’s sound fine with no reported errors with Plextools and the px-s88tu does have c2 error reporting capability…

I haven’t seen any postings, other than my own, about this particular unit…I love it…I don’t seem to need the lightning quick units out there…:cool:

The older CD-Recorder drives use to record better at half less than their rated speeds, e.g. my Samsung 8x8x32 produces CDs with less C1 errors when written at 4x compared with 8x. The new recorders appear to work the other way around for me as they seem to be optimised from roughly half their rated speed up. Also my Liteon 32123S produces less C1 errors on a CD written at 32x than the same CD-R brand written in my Samsung at 4/8X. C1, C2 & C3 are different levels of error correction, e.g. C2 errors typically correct errors left by C1. I checked C1 information using Liteon’s WSES utility.

Be careful with some special features such as VariRec, AudioMaster, etc. that are on some drives. I seen a mate who wrote an Audio CD using AudioMaster (Yahama CD-Recorder) to see if it would play better in a picky CD player, but after the CD had written, the CD-ROM drive wouldn’t even recognise the disc. Strange.

When media cannot be burned well at a lower speed than it’s a combination of the media+the recorder. You cannot blame the recorder alone since normally media is certified for all speeds (up to the certified speed of course). It’s a rare problem but it can happen. When you use proper media it should be no problem recording them at lower speeds. As I already said: I’d always recommend to burn media at their certified speed or at 16X minimum. That works for me.

Thanks again,
I think i have solved the problem.
In a desperate but jolly mood I inserted a lenscleaning disk ( by philips , disk with a brush on it ) and guess what happens:
all works fine ,also at slow speeds.
But after thinking and reading on the subject ,I’ll use the recommended speeds ( using powerec ) instead of cautious (slow ? ) speeds:)
Thanks again and keep up your good work