Write - eject-verify

I have the new verify feature enabled & I have ticked do not eject disc when finished, but still the drive quickly opens & cloes after the write step & before the verify step. Is this what’s supposed to happen or do I need to hunt down another windows Drive setting ?
That was it is behaving at present is OK, so long as I have autoplay disabled on that drive, otherwise the brief open-close sequence triggers a program launch.

It’s by design, since some DVD drives will not recognize the burned disc without open and close tray, and then DVDFab cannot verify it.

thanks - I don’t know if this is possible but can you maybe fix the program in future so that it does not launch a 2nd instance of itself when it goes from write to verify. If I have fab autoplay enabled as my default auto play option then it will launch a 2nd copy of itself at this stage of the write +verify process

I’ve only tried this once as I don’t feel the need to verify each burn, but it worked perfectly for me, no 2nd instance, no autoplay window, just a quick open and close and the verify process began in the same instance of DVDFab. I too had DVDFab set as the default action for DVD Video in that drive. ??

to be clear ( & fair), my experience was that verify ran in the same instance of Fab, as write did, but that autolrun kicked in in the brief instance where the disc drive was opened & closed again under Fab control.

It’s probably better to operate with autorun disabled esp for dvd player software which can reset drive region codes when you accidentally put an original in the wrong drive ( I have D: set to region 1 and E; set to region 2, for maximum compatibility). That was sort of accidental - powerdVd set my D drive to region 1 without asking the 1st time it saw a region 1 disc, and since then I’ve been careful not to allow any further changes.
you may wonder why I ever play the originals, given fab’s excellent features, but sometimes I need to check what’s in each title before selecting which ones to backup.

I’m using newest version 5020, and have same problem…even with “Do not eject disc when finished burning” box checked, the disc still gets ejected, and verification won’t start until tray is closed again (with burned disc inserted)…followed up by a manual “click” on “RETRY” button to cause DVDFAB to re-try to read disc in the DVD tray.

It would be preferable if the program could automatically verify DVD burn (without any human intervention) after a burn if both the following boxes (options) were enabled:

Do not eject disc when finished burning
Verify disc after finished burning

Also…is there a way/option to perform a burn verification at a later time (e.g., after restart of computer)…assuming that the original DVD files (used to burn onto DVD) are stored on hard drive?

I had the eject disc problem with the Fab Platinum last 4.0 version but it cleared up when I started using the 5.0 version. :confused: