Write DVD error code 10.5

I installed firmware 1.07 for my Plextor 708 and today I am having write failures …The plextor aborts the write and CloneDVD gives me a error code Write DVD 10.5 I am unable to write with Nero either so I presume the firmware is the problem. Anyone else seeing this. IN particular what does 10.5 indicate as far as cloneDVD is concerned? I know my media is good and this occurs with all DVD when trying to write. I tried to go back to firmware 1.06 for the Plextor but I guess the damage was already done because I still get write failure.

What speed are you trying to burn at ?

As far as my experience goes, this seems the writer/FW problem,
which for its part can depend on the media write strategy implemented in the FW.