Write CD-RW by Software Architects, Inc..?

Has anyone tried this “Write CD-RW” packet writing software by Software Architects, Inc…there is a free 30 day trial download…
Is it any better / stable / whatever…than othe udf packages out there…
Thanx, John

Could you spare a weblink ?

There is a link by a dissatisfied user at Mt. Rainier Problem.

We also have another member who hates packet writing, feels it is totally unreliable and doesn’t use it.

He recommends WriteCD-RW! :confused::cool:

If you do a search for WriteCD-RW! you will get about 30 hits on this board. :wink:

Yes, Inertia, I recommend WriteCD-RW, over the alternatives. It is the least intrusive and best integrated of the ones I’ve tried. I ultimately was unable to use it, and had no trouble getting a refund from S.A.I. It does not lock the drive, like the big 2 do, and supports MRW and CDR’s. So my recommendation is this: If I was forced to use UDF, it would be WriteCD-RW. It’s not difficult to find a few dozen posts on ANY of the packet writers that amount to “it sucks”. And they do. S.A.I. just sucks the least.

One note: several of the problems with S.A.I. relate to having both the S.A.I. writing and reading proggies installed at the same time, which does not work. The reading program is only to be installed on systems with no MRW writer on them. S.A.I. doesn’t tell you this until after you break it. So you can only read MRW discs on your burner.