Wow.. TTH02 better than TYG03? please dont tell me so

so i bought some verbatim dvd-r 15x TYG03 recently so that i could reburn my stuff from TTH02 on to the TYG03

anyway did a few scans and burns with my 1814BLT

… TTH02 has lower errors???

please tell me i didnt buy 300 TYg03 only to find that they are worse than my TTH02…

1st: TTH02 which i burnt a few weeks ago (its quite recent)
2nd: TYG03 same contents, at 8x
3rd: TYg03 same contents, at 12x
4th: TYG03 same contents, another burnt at 8x

should i continue to use these TYg03?

Never fully rely on cdspeeds figures and graphs to tell you which disc is superior.

Your ASUS can do scanning and is useful to scan disc that might be REALLY bad burn quality. But those burns are all not far off each other in errors so even a scan in a liteon would not shed the light to which disc is actually going to work better and last longer. There’s a bucket load of things you cannot test with a consumer based drive. Your TYG03 are fine from the looks of it, and I’m positive they are better media than any TTH02, regardless of those scans.

I have found that the ASUS 1814BL is a picky drive for TRT, even though it only reads @ 12x. If I were you, I would put each burn through a Transfer Rate Test in CDspeed with the ASUS.

kk ill do that now.

I just Find it really strange since the TTH02 has the lowest PO Errors, since from my limited knowledge lower is better?

Transfer Rate test is the Benchmark in CD Speed?

what should i assume in the benchmark test? The higher the better?

ok i did a transfer rates test (by pressing F2)

here is a screen of my TYg03 burnt at 12x

Those errors can look different and be lower than one another if you scanned with a liteon, it’s best not too read too deeply into them.

Anyways - here’s a TRT pic. You want a nice straight line no bumps.This one has a speed bump as you can see where it slows down. This is what you do not want to happen.

EDIT: Your TRT is only done @ 8x, maybe your drive is riplocked to that speed, no idea why but seems perfectly fine :clap: .

TTH02 burnt @ 8x

… they look the same…

how do i change the riplock speed? cuz the TRT test is sooo slow lol

Dunno if it’s possible yet, I don’t think it is, unless you have another drive to test with? You could also use the Pioneer 112 you have listed in your signature. That’s a fussy drive plus it reads @ 12x. BTW you may not notice any difference between the two. It certainly doesn’t mean that they are the same. TYG03 is superior to TTH02, there is no question about it.

lol kk ill take your word on it cd pirate lol…

will go ahead with my plan to reburn everything to TYG03 as planned (gotta use up my bloody 300 TYG03 dvds)

what’s a good speed to burn the TYG03 at? with either of my drives

yer the pioneer 112 is off to be fixed… stupid thing couldn’t burn cds anymore! heard around this forum that it was a common problem too with that drive

thanks for putting up with my stupid questions hahah :wink:

It’s ok, I recommend 8x burning. The pioneer is especially good with 8x burns. When you have it returned, I’d hit up some 8x burning with it. the ASUS is also good but it burns weirdly.

I’ll explain, the Pioneer will go pretty much flat out on it’s way to 12x then once it reaches 12x (at about the 50% mark), it stays at 12x for the rest of the disc. This makes it faster than the ASUS but the ASUS may have more stable results with it’s 12x since it starts slower and only reaches 12x right at the end of the burn. Make sense? I can post pics if you want.

Moral of the story is that the ASUS might be fine to burn @ 12x. The pioneer will burn @ 12x fine but I am not sure how well it will go @12x if the TYG03 discs aren’t a good batch.

i’ve never burnt above 8x anyway lol taht 12x burn i did above was the only one.

burn seems ok, but really i think i can afford the extra minute or 2 for a good quality burn

now for my bloody pio 112 to come back… nearly 3 weeks now

need it to do some Dics to Disc backups

ps. its ok to do that right? Pio is IDE on its own channel with nothing else and the Asus is SATA.

Of course it’s ok lol.

Btw, 3 weeks is ages. When my liteon screwed up I got a replacement within a week.