Wow, Taiyo Yuden are getting cheap



The last 50 spindle of 4x TY I ordered was $90 and now it’s down to $60 (at RIMA). That’s a huge drop. Now there’s no reason to even consider using anything else. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the OT post, but I’m an 2500A owner who has had problems with other brands and nothing but great burns with TY. I just thought I’d point this out for people who were previously put off by the price of TY.


Good news for american users !

Which brands did you have problem with and with which firmware ?

Thanks for the info.


Well, my problem brand was Ridata(Ritek) G04, which were about half the price of the Taiyo Yudens when I bought them. I started out with the original older “good” stock 1.06 firmware, and since then I’ve tried a number of different versions of Herrie’s including most recently 1.07b7, 1.07b9a and 1.07v2b4. I bought 50 of them before I started reading about the troubles with them, so I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get them to work so they don’t all go to waste. I heard they used to have a good reputation, but my NEC doesn’t like them.

I’ve never been able to get consistent burns with them. Some are good and some are bad. The main problem I have is towards the end of the disc, the read speeds plummet and there are read errors. To get a decent G04 burn I usually have to leave 100MB+ free at the end of the disc and do at least 2 burn attempts to get one good disc. I burn at 4x with Recordnow and verify, then error check/transfer rate test in DVD Info Pro for every disc, so it gets extremely tedious when I have to do that 2 or 3 times to make one good disc.

Anyway, now I can happily stick with TY discs which have always been good and consistent. :slight_smile:


I still have to pay 8,50€ for a 5-pack of coloured 4x certified TY (both +R/-R but burn at 8x in my 2500A) sold by Verbatim … but I can get 4x MCC Verbatims (+R or -R) for 28€ on a 25 pcs. spindle which is a fair price IMHO


About a month ago, I got my 50-pack of Taiyos for only $57 USD. :bigsmile:


wonders why this is in the NEC forum… don’t users of other burners burn TY, too? :wink:


I’ve burned 80 Ritek G04’s with no issues, on several different firmwares.
NEC 2500a of course.


Of course. I own a Liteon 811S and still have around 40 Fuji TY G01 blanks.

Can’t use them fast enough ! …i.e. over 4X !