Wow, Ricoh really sucks

This is a burn with Ricoh branded RICOHJPNR03 on a LG 4167B. Damm, they have gone down hill fast.

Which speed?

This is actually not a big surprise for me, as TYG01’s strategy is also broken on the LG 4167. :bigsmile: Luckily I haven’t used any of those…

Blame Ritek, they make RICOHJPN media. :frowning: RICOHJPN’s downhill slide and media inconsistency coincides with Ritek’s drop in quality. Late in RICOHJPN R01 batches and late RITEK G04 batches both started suffering, and both have been up and down since. About 2/3rds of my RICOHJPN R02 and R03 has been average to poor, and a couple batches of each have been quite good, so it varies a lot.

I wouldn’t blame the discs until you can try them in a different burner. That result is simply abnormal.

I never had problems with RICOH media.

:iagree: I would definitely try burning those discs in another burner before blaming the media for this horrible result.

Maxell RICOHJPNR03 are very nice average discs at comfortable price. Perhaps i’d even grab them before T03/Verbatim next time… Well - i had no issues against the Maxells but prefer the (for me) safe TY/Verb batches i usually get… :slight_smile:

…(I didn’t like the Ridisc RICOHJPNR03 though)

Nobody does. :bigsmile:

RICOHJPN R03 usually is nice media under the Ricoh brand, but consistency is neither Ritek’s nor MBI’s strength. :frowning:

Maybe LG 4167B doesn’t like Ricoh 16X +R? How about Liteon 165P6S? I got good results with RICOHJPNR03@12X on 165P6S.
Based on my personal experience, RICOHJPNR03 tends to like 12X burning. 16X would go down hopelessly.

I don’t really use the Maxell for keepers but i tend to burn them at 8x. But also tried 12x & 16x and it was fine too. Perhaps some speed is better than other. If it means anything QS & jitter is nicer when burned at 8x. That goes for my 165P6SX too :slight_smile:

And I [B]hated[/B] Ridata RICOHJPNR03 , I just avoid any media starting with [B]Rid[/B] :bigsmile:

Recent Maxell 16x DVD+R batches are CMC MAG.M01 now :a

Haha, one can’t be too careful with [B]Ri…[/B] stuff :wink:

That should keep me away for a longer while then :slight_smile:

I concur. My Sammy SH-S182D does an OK job of them @ 8x and 12x. Maxell-branded, BTW. My LG E10N seems OK with them too.

Interesting info re: Maxell 16x +Rs, Gary Kokkin :wink:

Is this in Europe?

Yes,in Greek market.

Silver discs with thin Maxell logo,and sold in bulk spindles-7,5euro/25discs

The Greek market is entirely different compared to the rest of Europe… but this doesn’t sound good.
I have never seen the shrinkwrapped 25 disc Maxells here :confused:
The only advantage of the Greek market (IMO) is being able to get Taiyo Yuden easily for a good price :bigsmile:

But I’m not bothering to buy Maxell here. All the 25 disc cakeboxes of different quality grades cost € 12.99 here, in almost every shop. And the online shops from Luxembourg all have very good prices for Verbatim media.
So why should I bother with not-completely-A-grade RICOHJPN R03, if I can get MCC 004 for the same price? :bigsmile:

Office Depot has Maxell DVD+R and DVD-R 50 pack cake boxes made in Taiwan on sale for $11.99, looked at them carefully because at first the cakebox was similar to MIJ Ty.
Don’t have a media code because for $12.99 I can get a 50 pack of Verbs at Office Max, so I bought the Verbs instead.

Aren’t these Prodisc?

I concur
With nowadays Verbatim price, it’s meaningless to go Maxell MIT. They are at the same price range, but they are not equal quality. :disagree:
RITEKP16 or RITEKR04 can’t compare to MCC004. :bigsmile: