Wow prices have changed!



Hey guys,
On clearing out our garage I found this 2000 price list from a computer shop. I can’t believe how much stuff is on it. Here they are, have a look for your self.



Wow, Your right, They sure have :slight_smile:

I’m glad I’m not paying thise prices for them kinda machines right now!


PC prices have dropped, thats good. :slight_smile:
Clothes, shoes and makeup have gone up in price though, as has food. :sad:


The ram for my first computer, a Sincliar Research MK14, 1KB, cost lots, and then onto an Acorn System 1 (these are both hex keypad), and the my first Basic language computer, a Compukit 101 had ram costing £49 for 1K (!) - my first CDR writer was an HP x2 - cost about £850 from memory - CDR’s (650MB) were around E2.50 each - things have gottom so much better in the computing world.


Did PC prices really change that much? Since PCs have become common devices in each and every house, prices haven’t changed that much. Of course, hardware that was very expensive in 2000 isn’t worth a penny in 2005, but the newest hardware is still as expensive as back then. I think it’s even more expensive… I remember when the first GForce card entered the market, the price was about €270. A top-of-the-line card now costs €500+. The same goes for quite some other components.
The price of writing hardware has decreased quite a lot. I guess it has something to do with the fact that everybody owns an optical writer (some ppl own more than just 1 ;))


man that’s all in british pounds go to us and computers and parts are like dirt cheap


Clothes> men get by on the bare essentials
shoes> men don’t need 20 pair
makeup> REAL men don’t need this
food> slice of pizza and a cold beer/s is enough for most men :slight_smile: