Wow, nice burn on cheap staples +Rs

Picked a 25 pack up of these staples branded DVD+Rs today for $8.95. Figured even if they suck, they’re cheap. Not so, they actually gave some of the best results I’ve ever seen. MID is MBIPG101R04. I burned and read them at 4x, quality when burned at 8x might be lower.

EDIT: I should note that the DVD was only 3.2 gigs-ish. If I burn anything longer or at 8x, I’ll post more results.

Woooooooooooo!!!, PIF total = 40?? What burner did you use to burn those moser baer media? Thats one awesome result

I used a liteon 812s@832s with the CG5G firmware, same one I used to read. No strategy swaps or anything. I’ll back up my mp3s tomorrow and see how these do with more capacity and/or at 8x.

Officemax brand CD/DVD discs are also using MBI for their supply.
MBI is generally pretty good stuff lately. :slight_smile:

Another scan, about 4.2 gigs and burned at 8x. Still a very nice result, not as impressive as the 4x though. This cheap media is great.