WOW new version rocks

Well interesting enough, I thought it was time for a new post, plus I know how many of you are just as eager as I am to see the next new release. So when you get a chance check how many times this post has been viewed and then you will realize how many of us love this software.

On a side note, the 1.13 has been rock solid. Great job guys.

I feel like a kid, waiting for the newest Atari 2600 game to be released… Missile Command, Asteroids, Pac Man… Woohoo… Some of you know what I am talking about.


219 views in just a few hours. Just another indication that people love this little program.

I bet out of curiosity, Rene and Erwin will view this post once.

Actually I came to see this thread because I thought the new version (1.2x) has already came out…:confused:
…not the compliment thing (I knew they deserve but this is misunderstanding topic)

Actually its poll topic. At it even had a info on the newest version 1.13. Just interesting over 400 views as of this evening…


Actually I viewed it because I thought there was a new version out.

DVD2one seems to have fallen behind in the DVD copy field.

Most of them encode while they rip and accept input from both DVD and Video-ts folder. They also allow the user to set a different compression ratio between the extras and the main movie.



Originally posted by nyplayer
DVD2one seems to have fallen behind in the DVD copy field


anyways testing the new release 1.2.0 atm on
Movie only
4444 mb
constant bitrate

btw something has improved/changed,i have the feeling it use less CPU bcuse while compressing i can browse/use my computer better then bfore( CPU usage=34%)
system: P3-800Mhz-256Ram

22 minutes left then i can tell ya the quality improve…
and for real: every movie is alright whit dvd2one!
my latest movies: fear dot com,the tuxido-bloodwork are bloody awsome :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: