Wow-new problem ltr-52327s? read yes, burn no

had a root through threads and topics and it appears my newby problem has no previous form. Can that be right or am I just daft? (v.poss)

brand new ltr-52327s manufactured nov03 installed on windows 98 system as secondary ide master, old cdrom as slave.

burner reads data but doesn’t burn. older drive can’t read anything and causes machine to hang.

is this simply a case of ide controller update perhaps?

apologies if this seems clutz fodder.:confused:

Hi, and welcome - more info needed :wink:

Tried several brands of CD-R discs?
Updated writing programs?
What writing programs do you use?

What chipset do your mainboard have and what IDE drivers are you using?

thanks for reply!

done homework and tried other solutions - on learning curve here. different media don’t solve the burn problem - am using the bundled nero express 5.5
this just in: primary ide controllers (dual fifo) listed as
Microsoft file version 4.10.2222 if that’s relevant.
IDE driver intel 82371AB/EB (chips 82371EB and AGP is 82443BX)
firmware version qsoc.
Mmmm. Tried swapping old cd-drive to primary IDE cable and instead of causing machine to hang when old drive read, it hung whenever HD was accessed. Decided not to stay with that setup :wink:

Have you got these drives jumpered correctly?

yeah exactly,
does sound like the ide controller can’t work out what it should be listening to when, but I double checked they were jumped right; writer as master, original drive as slave.

completely disconnected original drive so only had new burner and still couldn’t write - although obviously sorted the hanging problem.

What, exactly, do you mean by “doesn’t burn”?

nero calculates track lengths, but the operation fails immediately it tries to access the drive to write ‘invalid parameter’.