Wow! is this typical performance?

I have a hival 16x dvd rom drive wich is actually a btc bdv316c! Now i have the original firmware that it came with v .20r. When i take a dvd+r with booktype set to dvd-rom and rip it to my HDD it only takes about 5 minutes or less!!!im talking it starts reading at around 6.5x and goes all the way up to like 13x constantly increasing!!The fastest it has gotten has been 14x!!
It does not do this with dvd-r disks, they just rip normally, start about 3x and reach about 7-8x and takes about 11-12 minutes.

Does this drive actually respond this good to booktyping? Is this typical performance for this drive or am i just really lucky?

ps: oh to make it clear none of the movies i have ripped to the HDD have had errors due to this, but should i be concerned?

Also i use nero drive speed before i rip to my HDD to set speed to max, but the funny thing is that when i have a dvd+r booktyped to dvd-rom in the drive, drive speed detects it as a cd-rom and the dvd setting is grayed out, but i can adjust the speed to the cd setting and it will take effect in the dvd-rom and the read speed? really weird!! Does not do this with dvd-r, or dvd+r(without booktype).

Sounds normal to me. That’s a 16x drive if I’m not mistaken. It ought to read a DVD-ROM at the rated speed (although they reach the highest speed only at the end and I’ve never seen one really reach 16 x consistently). Your experiences are typical for any 16x good DVD-ROM drive. Keep in mind though, there is a reason they set readers up to read writeable discs more slowly. Writable discs are supposedly more difficult to read than pressed discs. You are increasing the chance of errors when you read more rapidly. If the error detection is working, it should catch and correct any errors that are encountered.