WoW! Is my benq dead again?

Im so fed up with this lightscribe shit and my 1625.
First i bought the 1620… Then it died.
Then i bought the 1620 pro, oops it also died.

Now i have the 1625 and it use to work with lightscribe, now, it wont.
Tried 3 diffrent lightscribe programs, all give me “Lightscribe disc not detected”.

Also tried to reinstall lightscribe, also downgrade to, also updated to 1.4.x.x.x … Uninstalled NERO, used clean tool.
Upgraded intel chip drivers, checked that i dont use nvidia ide drivers. NOTHING!
Using Verbatim DVD+R.

Also tried a diffrent spot for the benq1625 and set it to master.

How is quality on benq drives these days? Have they improved? If i buy this new 1655 lightscribe?

Or Am I forced to switch to NEC here? I have 2 nec drives too, they NEVER gave me ANY problems.

Also tried to flash firmware … IM ANGRY!!

If it’s under warranty, return it. If not, I haven’t had any problems out of my rebadged 1655 with Lightscribe, and from what I’ve seen on this forum, not many people have had problems with OEM or Retail drives.

I had similar problem with my 1655. But I think it was because I did TestWrite.

I called the tech, and they think they want to exchange it. It was a retail box. (I just need to open the comp and give them the serial number).


The new NEC’s are [I]NOT[/I] like the NEC’s you have been used to - they are pretty much crapola now-eh!

Suggest looking at the LiteOn, LG or Pioneer burners for your mainstream work horses - they are much better than the current NEC’s IMO

The newer BenQ’s (1640, 1650 and 1655) are also much more reliable than the 162x’s were (I had to send back a 1620 myself - but am happy with my 1640)-