WOW i never reliezed how much starforce sucks!

not being in the gaming market for quite some time i picked up soldiers the other day. Man is this copy protection for real?? on my liteon drive the disk will not even verify (its the original not talking at all about backing up here). on my other drives it will verify after about 4 min. wtf?? im not waiting 4 min. every time i play a game…looks like this ones going back to EBgames…luckily they are pretty good with me and returns…what a load of crap this protection is…and i dont even care about backing it up etc.

well back to the hardware forums…

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oh and hi Phil and FP hey im a mod…there goes the neighborhood :stuck_out_tongue:

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i didn’t have the honor to meet Starforce yet…
so this is how it works? need long time to check if the CD is the real one?

depends on the drive. on my liteon 1213 it never verifies just aborts saying incorrect disk. on my benq it takes about 4 min. on my nec 2500 its fairly quick about 20 seconds. luckily i have alot of drives…but the poor sod with one drive is gonna have issues. i understand the need for protection but quite do not understand this level.

On most drives the check is usually very fast. ~ 5 secs max (ex: Kill.switch on a Creative 52x CDROM)

As with all protections though, they always claim to have 99.999999% compatibility rate. The facts are usually different.

A Sony burner (8x4x32) I have here doesn’t even recognize an original star-force as a CD (Restaurent Empire). The led just stays on, as if I inserted a CD upside down :smiley:

There have been some real issues (like this one, and BSOD’s) with the protection, but there is also a lot of lies made up by people who are angry because they can’t (legally or not) copy it.

I think it’s a very good protection, its guard module is stronger than anything else on the market right now and the check is very precise, but I believe its compatibility (both from a hardware & software point of view) is still way under the others.

I think it’s a very good protection, its guard module is stronger than anything else on the market right now and the check is very precise,

as i got much good information from someone, i can just say that the starforce-check is NOT precise in any way - it’s just physically very hard to copy / reproduce…
IF it will ever be possible to burn, you would need a Plextor Premium, and at least 2 CD-R’s from the same production-row which have same physical signs… The first copy would NOT work, but it would be able to make the burn program see, how it has to manipulate the data-position-data (dpm) for the same cd-r (or one with the same properties) so that the 2nd one MIGHT work…

nearby: TAGES and PROTECT-CD are also really good - the only difference to starforce is, that they don’t integrate themselfes that deep into the system-core and install strange f*ckin’ drivers that control the cd-access from the moment of installing…

after i patched the game it seem to work better in my nec less that 5 sec. verify but my liteon still has issues with it.

@ Jamos:
You know about the StarForce Drivers being installed in your system now? And what they can do?
Unstable System, non-working USB-Ports, different programs will fail to run…

And the best: if you want to uninstall these drivers, it is not enough to uninstall the game, those drivers will resist in your system, until you get the so called “sfclean.exe”, which you can surely download anywhere from the game-developers homepage… or just google for it… :wink:

Just as information to complete the “WOW i never reliezed how much starforce sucks


starforce is VERY easy to copy

it sucks