Wow, I just forgot my own telephone number

AGAIN! Ever since my good old high school buddy ripped the piece of paper that has my address and telephone number on, I’ve been having trouble remembering that little piece of information! Funny thing is I remember all the useless things like the name of the little girl I had a crush on back in elementary school and the address of the old house I lived in 12 years ago plus the old telephone number! :a

Judging by the number of credit-card numbers, pin numbers, phone numbers, house numbers, clothing numbers, social-security numbers, internet forum passwords et al it’s a wonder anyone remembers about a crush on any girl nevermind one in elementary school! :wink:

That’s because the girl was probably very cute. We tend to no forget pictures/events better especially if they’re memorable.

Take me for instance… I can still remember the time I lost my virginity, who I was with, the sensation I felt, like it was just yesterday. Oh wait, it did happen yesterday.

Never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

:bigsmile: Gil T

867-5309 :stuck_out_tongue: I got it - I got your number on the wall

Just a friendly reminder that Tommy Tutone never forgets your # :iagree:

Oh that’s not so stupid… my gf doesn’t know the number of her cellphone, a friend of mine doesn’t know any of his numbers. No they aren’t stupid :smiley:

I have the odd habit of only memorizing stuff I should not memorize… like phone numbers I dialed only once in my life or so… :wink:

I just had a similar experience. I have had a check card for several years with the same number that I usually used every day, I went to the store and poof, it was forever gone from my memory.I had to get a new card! I remember my address and phone numbers from 35 yrs ago and I have a mutitude of phone #s addresses, passwords, access codes etc.that I have no problem remembering but that number is gone :confused: :confused: :confused: Hope its not a sign of old age!!!

Don’t worry about your age nmpaulcp. If you think that’s bad, mine is much worse. I just turned 19 nine days ago for god’s sake, and I already start forgetting stuff I use all the time! Now I suspect I will soon forget my first time despite what Gil T said…that is if I get to have it! :frowning:

Now I just hope I won’t forget about all the calculus theorems during the exam…

Do what everyone else does, forget about them after the exam. :wink: