Wow 48 speed now

firmware and instuctions worked fine 2-3 mins from start to finish but [there’s always a but eh] when i do speed tests with nero it peaks and stays at 32x but with origonal 40 speed pre installed firmware it topped at 40x same discs any reason why??

i used firmware VS02

btw BIG thx for your comprehensive yet easy upgrade advice.


Maybe LiteoOn found a problem with your media and hen limited it to 32X with this firmware?

I suggest you try other discs. Or you may still flash back to older firmware as long as you use my mtkflash guide :stuck_out_tongue:


check this m8 it only see’s my drive as 32x

Insert media that it supports writing at 48X before you start the program and 48X will be shown. (Another question that I’ve answered a zillion times and would be found by doing a search in the forums).

sorry m8