WOW - 1000Watts Power Supply

Check this bad boy out

Now thats what I want for X-mas!!!

:eek: 15A input current, hope ya dont mind turning everything else in the room off! [geekyness] I so want one :bigsmile: [/geekyness] seriously though, this is ridiculous, soon were gonna need a dedicated 50A service for every comp we own!

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Just did Cool, so is the Price [B]$ 499 [/B] thanks for the Link. :slight_smile:

Thats a pretty sweet power supply!!! I just wish I was that rich. I think I’ll have to stick to the poor mans dual power supply approach to unlimited power…

Just overhyped, that stuff is not really useful, IMO.

I could see someone using that much power with a high end system, overclocked, running lights and fans and water cooling and pelt chips. I could also see someone having equal power from 2 of these for 140$ total

Or two of whatever power supplies you like. Personally I’m about to set up water cooling (and pelt wont be far behind) using one of the above power supplies and an antec truepower 430 watt that I got on clearance at office depot for 30$ for a total cost of about 100$ for 59A on the 12v rails. Thats not to far behind the 66A that beast has. Still, I guess if you are really wealthy and want the biggest, badest, that one should qualify and do the job too…

I agree with chef, it’s just stupid.

Plus the energy bill…

speaking on energy bill; [o/t]what house hold device can be said to consume the same power as a computer with a 500 watt psu?? I mean I am curious to know if my computer using all the power of the PSU would have on the energy bill? A microwave? A tv? what?? anyone know the answer to this?[o/t]

A “stock” computer uses about 200w

If your PC was using all of the 500 watts it would be really slow n using the drives ect… Plus if you got th hyper your all good as for the equivilentcy probably no more that what it was costing you on the 350 or 400 watt ones.

no ive got the seasonic S12 500 watt.
ATM, ive got two 256mb Gainward 7900gt, 1x seagate 250gb sata II hdd, two dvd writers (pio111, benq1650), amd 3500+ cpu, a8nsli premium mobo, and 1 wireless internet pci card. I plan to get a second 250gb hdd but thats the most i think i’ll be using for at least a year to come.

So did I! :eek:

Probably even less than that most of the time. Its not like most people will be pushing their computers to the max, 24/7. When a computer is sitting there idle or you are just web browsing, typing a document etc, you are really not using that much power.

for years i’ve been pulling out and putting stuff in my 4 and a half year old HP computer.

just a few months ago i happened to take a peek at the PSU (probably one of the only parts that hasn’t been replaced) and was surprised to find that it was 200 watts and i haven’t had any weird power related drive frying or reboots or system failures of any kind.

i probably jinxed myself now, but i thought it was funny that i’d be on forums recommending that people get 350 watt PSU minimum for their systems and you guys recommend up to 500 watts or so and I’m sitting here with a crappy 200 watt piece of junk haha.

That 1000W PSU is okay but if really want a powerhouse look at this:

Sometimes there can be a little luck of the draw involved. Just because many oem power supplies are of limited quality doesn’t mean all are. Also, I’m guessing that if you are running an oem computer, then you might be a little limited on what you can fit. I have had 4 opticals and 6 hard drives in a computer at one time (that all my cases will fit) not to mention I overclock which takes more power and requires more stable power. Once you buy a full tower case that can fit a lot of stuff, you would be suprized ho much you wind up packing in it over a few years, even with just the occational small purchase. I personally have been the unlucky victum of a cheap power supply dying (not to mention an unstable system that crashed and eventually always got windows coruption from another cheap power supply). If it is working then great, it might be a very good power supply, but when building a system I still always recomend a good quality power supply and generally recomend one big enough to allow for a lot of upgrading. A good power supply will last several years afterall, why not get one that is big enough to power anything you might pack into that nice new tower case over the next couple of years.

Same or more than 500W:
Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Hair dryer (!!), really shitty old electric kettles, various powertools (routers, power saws etc.), high-power microwaves, old big CRT TVs…’s TG1100-U95 1.1KW Tagan Turbojet PSU price in June was about US$300.

Hm. It has 16 SATA connectors.