HI, I just wanted to know what should i do when burning avi files to my DVD+R for it to get played in a DivX Certified DVDPlayers.

I’ve heard some stuff like the title letters of whatever you want to burn shouldn’t be capitalized and shouldn’t contain any weird symbols like $ and &.

P.S. i know ppl may get pissed about this question but what do you think DivX Certified player should i get, and is it rue of what they say about the Philips DVD Player?

And another thing, i use Sony AccuCORE 4.7GB 1x-8x D11 DVD+R to burn my .avi files. Does anyone have past experience with them?? Has anyone heard anything about whether they’re reliable or not??

Thanx A Lot, Cheers

It depends on the DVD player. Some are more tolerant of odd names than others. If you want to be safe, then yeah stick with alphanumeric names.

You mean it’s tottaly safe to use letters and numbers, capitalized or not, in any way possible, but symbols are in doubt, right?

Pretty much. It’d be the rare and unusual device that didn’t like a name like:



The safe characters are letters, numbers, and underscores/dashes.

Thanks. I apreciate the clearance.