Wouldnt it be great if internet tv downloads were legal

Wouldnt it be great if internet tv downloads were legal

ABC (Disney) will broadcast some tv shows online for free in May and June…

I don’t watch TV :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, reality TV shows have taken over the air. What little prime time is left over is taken up by stupid crime/mysteries. Bah!

I don’t watch them for free now … why would I waste bandwidth downloading them?

I also noticed a distinct lack of cranial underwear option.:cop:

Technically, there is nothing illegal about it. Its just the same as recording it on DVR, DVD, or VCR, just without the effort and time…

Free downloads would be great, but i’d rather get to wear underwear on my head:p which debro pointed out was missing from this poll:(

Nah that’d stop the fun in illegal downloading! Eh… did I say that out loud? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I think it’d be good to make (certain) shows available for free. This could easily be funded by either commercials. Here in the Netherlands, we do pay for watching (copyrighted) stuff on television, so why not broadcast them over the internet too. It’s a different way to get the same data, right? Throw out the channels in the ether and put them on the internet. Same deal, everybody happy.

In Aus you can download an episode of ‘On The Buses’ for $2.95. And you get to keep it for 7 days.
Or ‘Mad About You’. But you have to watch it quick, it will be deleted after 1 day.

Any Takers???

Yeah, sorry about that. We didnt mean to. :disagree:


I still wonder how ABC will do this whole Lost-thingy. US-only creditcards? IP-check? Many questions.

It’s been practically legal in South Korea. I can download HD-ripped TV drama and documentary files nearly without limit. That’s up to 19201080 and even low-quality files are at least 640480. So why watch TV when internet downloads are better? Though ripped by others who have HDTV cards and powerful computers.

BTW, I moved once more yesterday. No monthly cost anymore except bills of gas, electricity, water, etc. From Hwasun, Chollanam Do to Buchon, Gyung Gi Do. It’s between Inchon Metropolitan City and Seoul. Takes 30 minutes or so by subway to Yongsan Electronics Market in Seoul. No internet yet. I’m at a library computer room using my own notebook, free internet.

i watch animé and till now i imported the animé dvd’s from jappan (with english subtitles) but it would be great if it was legal, couse i am 40 eps behind with bleach :frowning:

It would be great, id quite like to be up to date with the lost episodes, as the bbc like to keep their viewers “in suspense” for 6 months