Would you trust your data on this disc?

Verbatim TYG02 burned by Lite-On SOHW-1693S @8x. Lite-On and BenQ scans show the disc is fine but Plextor scan shows something different. Which scanner to trust? Someone over at Lite-On forum implied that I shouldn’t trust the Plextor scan (original thread). Given that some say BenQ (not sure if Lite-On included) is too lenient when scan, what does Plextor forum think?

You can’t compare scans done by one drive to another. Each drive interprets the disc differently but since the read curve shows a smooth line and the other drives don’t pick up a lot of errors I would think the disc is good enough. We’ve had discussions about this issue before and in those cases the general opinion was, in those cases, that the Plextor was too picky.

G@M3FR3@K, thanks.

I know. But in this case the difference is too much.

Ok, is this true for Plextor in general? Or is it just PX-712A?

Neither, it’s drive dependant. The high error levels can be the result of different things: temperatures, disc/drive combination, read speed, used software, picky drive, etc. Look at the difference between the Lite-On’s quality score and the BenQ’s score: 84 vs. 50. As I said before: as long as the read curve is smooth and other drives don’t show these high error levels I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Overall though, judging from what the other drives support: this is not a great disc.

Does your drive show these high error levels with other discs as well (even original pressed media) or just this one particular disc?

I don’t know if I should trust that spike. As you can see it doesn’t show up in KProbe. I am scanning the disc again in both Lite-On and BenQ.

Nope. This is the first disc. Apart from the other disc burned by a defective PX-712A long time ago which got good scan in BenQ and Lite-On and I thought it was because BenQ and Lite-On were both very good in reading and error correction so that they could fix errors in that bad burn.